Justinian for the people

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Justinian for the people

Ravaging lethal plagues will trouble you no longer!

Justinian shows no hesitation in exacting an appropriate solution to the problems faced by society. With his fair and positive policies on sensitive topics such as marriage, slavery, and women's rights, you are sure to find satisfaction. And in times of hardship or political distress, Justinian has never failed to pull through.

Justinian's answer to immigration? Build a fourteen mile long wall!

Justinian was able to conquer almost all of Italy, and a great mass of Spain. Under his code, these countries experienced great prosperity with only the great power of Justian to credit for this. Justinian's code lasted the entirety of nine hundred years, and if you want a society that can last such as that, you'll surely have to vote for him.

Justinian has a wonderful care for his people and wishes to provide them only with what they want and need. He expresses his passion for building churches and creating art that can truly define a culture. Justinian cares not if you are Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox, he will only keep the people's needs in mind.


The Power to Rule Nations:

Connection to the People:

A Better Society:

Justinian has done it before, and he shall do it again. With Justinian as president, our cities and communities will be beautiful and lively. With an achievement such as Hagia Sophia to his name, who wouldn't see Justinian as a skilled ruler? Not to mention his massive aqueducts, courts, schools, and hospitals. All of Justinian's time is devoted towards building a better future.

Say Goodbye to Crime:

Justinian's code is not to be taken lightly. With his completely flexible and fair code of approximately five thousand laws, the people will never see crime as often as they do now ever again. He will keep or streets clean and our children educated, with such masterworks as the Institutes.

The leader that the people need!

Put your security in good hands!

Restoring the Economy:

A Clear Approach:

Justinian's plans for your future will be a great success. With such a wide and diverse catalogue of trading endeavors back in Justinian's homeland, he hopes to bring that same prosperity here. With his code to help regulate business, investors and owners alike will find a prosperous new lifestyle. Your local markets will begin to sell things you could have never imagined.

Slaves for all!








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