Justinian for President

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Justinian for President

Theodora was the Empress and Wife of Justinian 1. Although she was in a lower class than Justinian, he still married her. Justinian created great new rules. Women could own land and care for their family if they needed to and they could write a will.

Justinian loved art and architecture that he created Hagia Sophia, which is now known as a museum in Istanbul. Hagia Sophia is now one of the most perfect buildings in the world, everyone from around the globe come to see it! Justinian also though that Education was very important and took it very seriously. Everyone during that time period knew what education was and how it worked. Justinian values it and will make them better if he is elected!

Justinian ruled the Byzantine Empire from the year 527 A.D-565 A.D. He believes in it strongly that he even wrote laws about it.The Justinian Code is what Justinian made to protect his people. They were so strong that other countries started using them as their laws also.

Justinian for President

Justinian 1 lived from 482-565 A.D. He ruled of the Byzantine Empire from 527-565 A.D. Justinian already has experiance of ruling and he also made Hagia Sophia, one of the most perfect buildings in the world! He married Theodora and also Justinian made some very good rules. These are reasons why YOU should vote for Justinian! 

Rule and Terrirory, Religion and Code


Art&Architecture and Education

Theodora and Women's Rights

Justinian 1 did so many improvments to the Byzantine Empire like the Hagia Sophia and getting back their land. There are many different reasons why YOU should vote for Justinian 1. Besides, he already has experiance!

Justinian 1


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