Justinian For President

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Justinian For President

Justinian's Conquests- The Italian peninsula - Portions Of Gaul and Spain- Numerous islands of the Mediterranean- Gibraltar - Parts of North Africa

The Preservation of Roman Law (Code of Justinian)- The Code of Justinian was created so that the entire Byzantine Empire would follow the same laws. The emporer made all the laws. - - Even today some of our laws are based on his code.

Justinian For President

- Justinian ruled the Empire of Byzantie from 527 to 567. - - It was his goal to restore the old Roman Empire.

The Years He Ruled

Hagia Sophia

Arts and Architecture - The Hagia Sophia Cathedral was rebuilt from 532 to 537.- Silk production began- Diptychs, carved ivory panels given as gifts, were produced.- Many paintings and ornate mosaics were completed.

Rights for Women- Justinian made it law that women could own land, bring lawsuits to court, and make wills and contracts, things women had not been allowed to do before.

The Cyrillic Alphabet- Eastern Orthodox missionaries brought the Cyrillic alphabet to the Byzantine Empire after Justinian's death.- The new alphabet helped the Byzantine culture to spread.

Education- Justinian was educated in law, theology, and history.- These are important subjects for a ruler to know.



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