Justinian For President

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Justinian For President

Justinian For President

Justinian thought that Education was important. Everyone had to have knowledge about law and how it functioned. Justinian was thought to have a lot of education himself.

Justinian I highly supported chrishtianity. He believed strongly in this religion and even built many churches. He created many laws to protect the churches.

Women did not have very many rights at the time, but Justinian I and Theodora changed that. After new laws were set, women could own property make contracts and wills and bring a lawsuit.

As he was ruling poetry and literature was popular. He had one of the most beautiful structures we know of today; Hagia Sophia. He had mosaics made of small pieces of glass hang on the walls of the church


Justinian Code

Justinian Code is a set of laws that are written down in a book instead of off the top of someone's head. Justinian wanted to have the empire have the same set of laws. Many other countries in the world have used Justinian Code and America's Bill of Rights is even based off of his Code.

Rule & Territory


Theodora was the beautiful, intelligent, witty and amusing wife of Justinian. She made a speech that saved Justinian's Empire from being crushed. She also helped transform their city into a beautiful place to live. She even created laws to increase women's rights and was a noble pioneer in the women's liberaton movment.

Justinian I ruled from 547-565 a.d. and had the territory of the whole Byzantine Empire. His dream was to restore the Roman Empire to it's full power. He sent 2 generals out to regain much of the land lost (including the city of Rome and Italy) and they did.



Women Rights

Art & Architecture


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