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Justinian for President

R: churches are never far from reach. The Hagia Sophia is the crown jewel!

Mary Warren

Mary Warren is a servant to John and Elizabeth Proctor. She gifted Elizabeth with a poppet doll, which eventually led to the accusation of witchcraft for Goody Proctor. Mary confesses to the court that this is all made up, and that all the girls including herself are lying about witchcraft in Salem. Mary is a very timid and let's people take advantage of her.

Mary warren reminds me of a young child because she has no voice for herself, is constantly influenced by others, and let's people walk all over her. In the book, she confesses about making the whole witch thing up, but under pressure from the other girls quickly changes her mind and accuses John Proctor of witchcraft.

Mary is an overall good, Puritan girl but is very weak, small minded, indecisive, spineless, and easily influenced. The good in her wants to tell the truth and confess everything, but as soon as she does she quickly changes her mind and turns on John. "He made me sign my name in the Devils book...". She re joins the girls and says she wants to be with God once again. Two vocab words I would use to describe her would be beguile, because she is easily deceived, and nebulous, because she is uncertain and idecisive. A song that reminds me of Mary is "Don't lie" by the Black Eyed Peas. The lyrics say "Nononono baby, nononono don't lie Nononono, yeah you kno kno kno know you gotta try, What you gonna do when it all comes out When I see you & what you're all about Nonono babe, nononono don't lie Yeah you kno kno kno know you gotta try". This is what I imagine Mary telling herself when she's lying about witchcraft in Salem.


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