Justinian for President

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Justinian for President

Justinian ruled from 527-565 AD. He has conquered Italy, Spain, North Africa, and Asia Minor. He preserved Roman Law well because he had a wall built to keep the people away from other influences.

Justinian had a code that contained two main laws. These were to live honestly and hurt no one. These laws applied to men and women

Here is the Havia Sophia, possibly the most beautiful church of all time. Under the rule of Justinian, there was a style of roof called an "onion dome" which became very popular. The Hagia Sophia is one of the few buildings from this time period.

Justinian was a major factor towards women getting rights. His wife, Theodora, knew what it was like to be oppressed, and she influenced him to be compassionate towards women.

Justinian for President!

Justinian created an alphabet called Cyrillic, which is still used in Russian, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. Some of the sounds are even used in English today.

Rich people went to school, except for women. School was mainly fir men and focused on laws and philosophy.

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