[2014] tudomsay: Justinian for President

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[2014] tudomsay: Justinian for President

(Picture Above)He once conquered the Vandal Kingdomin North Africa, Nothern Italy and Spain in orderto restore the old Roman Empire.

Justinians Code of Laws are one of his greatest achievements(Located in the picture above)- Codex Justinianus: bulk of his old empire's legal code. It involved citizenship, marriage, inheitance, slavery, property ownership, criminal acts/punishments- Digesta: legal rulings and opinons/interpretation of the law. It's the most similar to the collection of legal rulings and briefs used by the Surpreme Court- Intitutiones: textbook primarily used by law studets. There were 4 books and the last one was used as an instruction manual for jurors-Novellae: new laws passed after the completion of the code in 534

Justinian for President(527-565 AD)

Arts and Architecture (Hagia Sophia- left, Mosiac of Justinian- right)- Justinian was a patron (otherwise known as a supporter of the arts)- Mosiacs (pictures ade from colored glass or stone): used to decorate walls, ceilings, and also floors- He reconstructed the Hagia Sophia (an old chruch that had been destroyed). He didn't care about the cost but that it would be built quickly to display a symbol of his power and god's power

Women's Rights(left a mosiac of a Byzantine woman)- To help women's rights, his wife Theodora got her husband to enforce laws that are fair to women as well as men. The new laaws gave them more rights including the right to inheit property

Justinian's Education:(photo of man studying on right)- Justinian was well educatedin jurisprudence, theology and roman history

Cyrillic:(Picture of the alphabet on the left)- Justinian invented (he also hired help from educated artistocrats) to create cyrillic script. It was employed across Eastern Europe, Central and Nothern Asia. It is now used in modern day Russia


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