Justinian for our President

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Justinian for our President

Justinian for our President

Justinian needed to understand the rules, instead of the ones that were all messy and mixed up, so he decided to write the rules again, except upgraded, he named it the Justinian Code. It is a true fact that America was influenced by it when writing the Bill of Writes. It is still used to this day.Women's Rights- All women can own property, make contracts and will, and bring a lawsuit.Robbery- Robbery was not a crime. The victim could sue the robber for up to four times the values of the stolen property.Failure to pay Debts- People owed something had to sue the person owing them to gain debt back.Murder- Murder was punished by banishmentInheritance- Women could not inherit property from their husbands unless it was provided in a will. Children recieved equal amounts of the father's estate.

Justinian Code

Religon and Education

Justinian in Emperor had a passion for arts and religon. First in religon, he believed in Christianity so much, he wrote laws to protect the churches and supress paganism, three religons for other uses pretty much. On the education side, he loved arts, especially poetry and literature that were spread out pretty much everywhere in Constantinople, other arts such as drama and music were also encouraged. These subjects in America will express ourselves in this country the way we want, and it will help on getting our frustration, on maybe angry music, or however your feeling will make the type of music. Also because he loved architecture, we would learn a lot more about that, and most likely become designers. The importance of the education would be on what the subject he would want children to know. He would especially love people learning about Christianity, when they conquered lands they educated about Christianity because he believed in it so much, I also definetly think that Justinian is gonna want to be architectures, and learn more about design instead of twice a week, this would be good in our education, it will make us entrepreneurs, this will make us rich. Plus teaching us more about Christianity will result in us believing teaching others spreading in the U.S. around the globe, so he would put education pretty close to him in presidency.

Art and Architecture

Rule and Territory

For our first step for Justinian to become president we need to tell you how many years of ruling he has done how much territory he has conquered to show his experience. He ruled from 527 A.D.-565 A.D., that is 38 years, that's lots of expirience for this country. Under his reign he wanted to restore Rome to its former glory, so he sent his two best generals, Belizarius and Narses, to conquer or take back there land or most of it. They came back and conquered the Kingdom of the Ostrogoths, the KIngdom of the Vandals, and partially the Visigoths Kingdom.

Mosaic art was an image, made from small colored squares, that were rock or some other material, they also used extensive rich color on there mosaics such as, gold. These mosaics were interior decoration, but there were other decorations with small round squares, they were called "pebbled mosaics". There loads of mosaics in the Hagia Sophia that had extensive color, mosaics were on walls, floors, or ceilings. Architecture is next about the Hagia Sophia, First off it was rebuilt and built by Justinian, with it's round arches, large domes, and it's color. Plus after became a mosque then museum, the towers around the Hagia Sophia were added. It started from church/cathedral, mosque, and museum, and it is still standing, because of Justinian's proper working design in its architecture.

Women's Right's and Theodora

Theodora was a kind of different side to Justinian, but she made some changes in women's rights as well and really helped, inspired, and encouraged Constantinople to fight back and advance and improve the empire. She started off as an actress, which wasn't a very good job at the time. She started to get Christianity. She gave up being an actress and traveled to Constantinople in 522 A.D and started to cool down being a wool spinner. She then married Justinian on 525, because of her intelligence, wittiness, being amusing. In 527 A.D she was crowned empress, on the other half of Justinian's rule she was there. A memory about THeodora was when there were two political rivals fighting at the Hippodrome and they wanted to choose another emperor, Justinian and his officials were about to give up, but Theodora gave a motivating speech about the great unique life of somebody who died a ruler, over over someone who died as a nothing . So they all decided to attack and it turned out, they killed 30,000 rebels Theodora really helped them with her courage and determination. She then really helped women's rights in Constantinople that helped all women, which leads us to women's rights. She passed laws prohibiting forced prostitution, she put homes for prositutes , passed rights that women have more rights in divorce cases, and finally put another law that allowed women to own and inherit property.


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