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FamilyJustina was born in 1871 and was the fourth surviving child of Melissa Brown and she was the daughter of a slave.

Education Justina attended Galesburg High school where she had amazing grades! Then after high school she became a medical student at Hering Medical School. After school she got her medical license and her chlidhood dream came true.

Justina Ford

InterestsJustina liked to study and learn about medical stuff and she liked to disect chickens and frogs.She loved to learn about being a doctor.

Colorado ConnectionYou can see more about her at the University Of Health Sciences in Colorado and you can see a statue of her there and lots more!!!!

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Main EventsIn 1871 Justina was born.She married John Ford in 1892 and divorced him in 1915 for Alfred Alen.Also she moved to Chicago right after she married John Ford which is around 1893.Then in 1899 she graduated from college.In her fifty years of practicing and being a doctor she deliverd 7,000 baby's. Lastly she sadly died in 1953.

Reason For FameJustina was famous for being the first African American female doctor in Denver. Also she was famous for nearly delivering 1,000 babys by the end of her life.

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InspirationWhen Justina was little her mom was a nurse and she got inspired by her so Justina decided she wanted to be a doctor.

Early LifeShe loved playing doctor with her friends only if she was the doctor.While other little girls enjoyed playing with dolls, Justina loved to disect chickens! She also kept making up fake diseases and cures to them!



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