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Inventors and Inventions

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Justin Capra

Justin Capra

Growing Up




the Jetpack

Justin Virgilius Capra was born in Magureni, Prahova County, Romania, on February 22nd, 1933. Justin began inventing gadgets during his childhood, which began to sprout into a love for creating. He made over one hundred inventions during his lifetime, which include but are not limited to the Oblio 3C automobile and the Soleta zeroEnergy One, an enviromentally-safe house.

Jetpacks are now used for recreational use and is by far one of the most innovative tools of the 20th century, and can possibly further our reach towards an eco-friendly utopia on Earth. His foldable electric tricycle, Troty, blends purpose with appeal, and Soleta, one of the smallest cars in the world, encourages preservation of the Earth. Justin Virgilius Capra may not be known by many, but he has helped humans as a whole more than anyone else!

Justin Capra is perhaps most acknowledged because of his most famous invention, the jetpack. Developed in Romania, Mr. Capra's jetpack was rejected a number of times by the Romanian Academy and the American Embassy, and when he set upon the latter he was arrested by the Communist Regime for interactions with the Democratic country. Later on, Mr. Capra patented the invention himself.

Justin's Legacy

How has he affected us now?


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