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Justice shin

Sir Francis Drake

Drake was born in 1540 or 1541 on north of Plymouth of England and died on January 28, 1596. When he was a young boy, he moved near the sea, which is called Kent.

During the 1560s the Spanish and Portuguese explorers sailed the Atlantic Ocean to trade gold,silver,and and buying slaves from the African slave traders. Francis Drake's cousin, John Hawkins, took over Portuguese slave ships and took them to South America. However, Hawkins' second voyage with Drake in 1567-1568 wasn't so fortunate. They got an attack from the Spanish so they had to escape from them.

Drake was the first captain to sail his ship the Golden Hind. Queen Elizabeth of England, helped Francis Drake to attack Spanish ships and capture many silver and gold for England. He became the hero of England, where he was called as Sir Francis Drake. Even though it is a mystery that Sir Franinis Drake visted California, yet we think he landed within San Francisco bay near San Quentin.

Sir Francis Drake did not go to school unlike other kids. Instead, he learned to read and write through the Bible. At a young age of 10 or 12 years old, he became a captain of a small ship. As a pirate of England, there was a good and bad side of him. For England, he was a hero because he was bringing gold and silver from the Spanish ships. On the other hand, he was a threat to Spain and he was known as Drake El Draque, the Dragon, in Spain.



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