Just Like Old Times...

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Just Like Old Times...

Arthur Millerwas born inHarlem, New York

Miller's Work:*Death of a Salesman*All My Sons*The Man Who Had All the Luck*The Story of G.I. Joe*FOCUS*Misfits, Finishing The Picture

Miller wrote the Crucible during the Second Red Scare. He recognized that the mass hysteria was very similar to what is was like during the Salem Witch Trials

The Crucible

Just Like Old Times...


Joseph McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy was a Republican member of the U.S. Senate. His accusations caused the public to become frightened, launching the Second Red Scare.

The Salem Witch Trials

Women (mostly, but not all) were accused, arrested, and tried for practicing witchcraft. They were usually executed.


The Accused:*Rebecca Nurse*John Proctor*Martha & Giles Corey*Sarah Good*Sarah Osborn**These are only some of the accused, and all were seen in Arthur Miller's play, "The Crucible"


The Puritans were extreme protestants who wanted to purify the Church from within and bring it back to its former glory. They believed in supreme authority of the Bible, and living life the way the Bible told them to.

The term comes from Joseph McCarthy, who made bold accusations against actors/actresses and government official of being communist.

The Puritans crossed the Atlantic Sea to come to America in search of religious freedom. They broke away from the church of England and started a new church with old ways of the churh.


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