Just Ella

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Just Ella

EllaElla is a girl that thinks she loves the prince. She is like Cinderella but instead of a happily ever after it is a happy never after. Ellas dad and mom died when she was a little kid. Ella is a girl with curiosity. She has stepsisters and a step mother. This is NOT a Cinderella story, beware

Just Ella

Prince Charming This guy is not your average prince. He only wants to marry Ella because she is pretty. He doesn't even love Ella for who she is. He is handsom outside but not inside.

SettingThe setting is in the castle. Nobody will let Ella outside the castle, and Ella really wants to go on adventures.

Problem and SolutionThe problem is Ella doesn't want to marry the prince. And the solution is she tells the prince she doesn't want to marry him. And then it backfires, she gets put in the dungion. But she digs a hole that leads out of the castle so she ran away and found Jed.

Madame BisetShe is like the wicked witch of the west. She won't let Ella do anything, if Ella chooses the wrong spoon to use then she gets a in BIG trouble. Madame Biset is supposed to teach Ella how to be a proper pricess.

MaryMary is a liitle servent girl that is Ellas best friend she helps Ella become free for what she wants to do.

Jed Jed is a heart warming guy. He LOVED Ella when he first met her. He has a dream, that will take place, that one day he will help the people who lost their home during war

Main EventsSome main events were when Ella said she didn't want to marry the prince and the other was when she ran away and married Jed.



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