Jurassic Period

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Jurassic Period

The Jurassic Period is 53 m.y. Represented as a day it would have been 16.6 minutes.

What was it like in the Jurassic Period?-Crumbling landmasses and inland seas-Humid-Subtropical feel

Major Events- Pangaea splitting up- Herbivores had to be huge because the most of the plants were tall - Minor mass extinction in the marine life- Birds appeared first known bird is the Archaeopteryx - Other invertebrates appeared and plants- Mountains came off of the sea floor causing the ocean levels to rise.- Lots of cycads because of all the plant life and the humidity- Mammals were still around and most were rat sized but not on the top of the food chain- Volcanoe eruptions - Ended about 65 m.y.a with mass extinction, paleontologists think that a comet or asteroid hit the Earth and caused a huge cloud of dust and smoke to cover the Sun making everything die.

Jurassic PeriodOlivia Brooks

Plate and Tectonic MovementPangea was still together in the Triassic Period and in the late Triassic period it started to split up. In the middle to late Jurassic Period enough plate movement had happened to seperate South America from southern Africa.

Organisms -T- Rex-Triceratops-Brachiosaurus (52 feet tall)-Types of Ferns-Gymnosperms- Conifers, a type of gymnosperm- Marine Life

Sources- http://www.seorf.ohiou.edu/~tstork/compass.rose/earth.history.05/The%20Jurassic%20Period.htm- http://geologyclass.org/cambrian_concepts6.htm- http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/mesozoic/jurassic/jurassic.php- Science book- http://science.nationalgeographic.com/science/prehistoric-world/jurassic.html

Fossils- Archaeopteryx (Index Fossil)- Therapsids (mammals)- Brontosaurus (largest mammals ever)- Castorocauda (beaver like mammal)


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