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Jupiter is Visible to the naked eye and is the 5th planet from the sun! It is also the fastest spinning planet in our solar sysytem making its days only about 10 hours! It takes 11.8 earth years to fully orbit the sun. Its gravity is so strong it actually helps protect Earth from comets. It has a storm on it known as the Red Spot which has been active for 350yrs! This red spot could fit 2-3 Earths in it! Jupiter itself could fit approx 1,300 earths inside of it!


Jupiter is a Gas Planet, it has no known solid surface. Its core however, is a mixture of ice, rock and metals. The main gas that makes up jupiter is primarily Hydrogen and some Helium. It does have rings which are dim, but they are primarily dust particles. Its upper atmosphere is known as cloud belts, which are ammonia crystals, sulfur and mixtures of those 2. This planet is the largest planet in our solar system!

Jupiter has 67 known moons, all less than 10km in diameter. Its largest moon is Ganymede, which is also the largest moon in our solar system. Bigger than our moon and even mercury! Callisto, IO, and Europa are the next biggest moons of jupiter. In future space missions we hope to explore these moons and their subsurface oceans!

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