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If you weighted 100 pounds on earth you would weight 236.4 pounds on jupiter.

Jupiter has an orangeish,

Jupiter is very big it is the biggest planet out of all the planets .

Did you know jupiter does not have a lot of gravity beacase if you were 11 years old you would be 0.92 days old.

yellowish, whitish color to it. It has a ring or what is called the eye beacause it looks like an eye.

Did you know jupiter has 62 moons conting all thats alot.

Jupiter revolves around the sun like all of the other planets but it does not

when jupiter revolves around the sun it has some relation ship well they have been doing it for a long time.

make a soalor or a lunur eclipse only the earth moon and sunmake those.

This is jupiters ring but i call it the eyeit looks like it.


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