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My Big Brother Jupiter

I am the largest planet in the solar system. Even the king of the gods in Roman mythology, Zeus, was named after me.

My moons. All 63 of them. Four of them, Ganymede, Io, Europa, and Callisto are big personalities. Ganymede is the largest of them, bigger than Mercury and Pluto. It even has its own magnetic field, like me (not as big though). The bottom right corner shows a picture of me and my buddies hanging out!

How big are you?

I am the most massive planet in the solar system, mostly made of hydrogen and helium, with a mix of other elements. I had dreams of being a star despite my size, I needed to be 80 times bigger. My magnetic field is the strongest in the solar system due to my hydrogen turning into metallic liquid. Due to my influential magnetic field, I have the strongest gravitational pull in the solar system. You owe me one, I occasionally divert asteroids from your planet.

Should I be aware of anything on my stay?

The usual day is quite warm, at 70 degrees Farenheit due to the atmospheric pressure. The day lasts only 10 hours compared to your 24 hours, the shortest day in the solar system. The year lasts 12 Earth years. At night, you can hear my electric storms on the radio due to their strength, sometimes even stronger than the Sun's.

Who do you spend your time with?


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