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Planets & Astronomy

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Jupiter has 64 moons, and some scientists believe that there are oceans underneath the surface of them that could support life.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and is often referred to as "The King of the solar system."

As the fifth planet from the sun, Jupiter is also a gas giant.

Jupiter has an impressive diameter of 88,700 miles

At 483 million miles from the sun, Jupiter is very far from the sun and Earth is closer to the sun than it is to Jupiter.

This is Jupiter. It has rings, too, but they are very thin and faint. Jupiter has 3 sets of rings, the two outer ones being almost impossible to see, and the inner one being a little easier.

Jupiter is named after the powerful Roman God, Jupiter, and Jupiter is known to the Greeks as Zeus.

What is needed to survive on Jupiter?

- Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun.

By: Natalie ListonClass: 5 Gauthier

You will need to bring personal items and everyday essentials to live on Jupiter, or anywhere else.

- Jupiter could fit more than 1,300 Earths inside of it. Jupiter is huge!

You will need a shelter that will protect you from extreme temperatures. Maybe a multi-layer structure.

Since Jupiter is a gas giant, you will need to be able to stand on something. Possibly a large metal platform.

This is Jupiter. The Great Red Spot is above. It is a never ending storm that is unsafe to live near.

These are 4 of Jupiter's moons. It has 64 moons in all.

- The Hubble Space Telescope is currently orbiting Jupiter. to get more information on Jupiter.

Since Jupiter is the stormiest planet in the solar system, you will need a strong shelter. the storms on Jupiter are way sronger than they are on Earth!

- Jupiter is the 4th brightest object in the solar system after the Sun, the Moon, and Venus.

- Jupiter has 64 moons and scientists think that maybe there is ice under the surface of some of them.

Since there is no oxygen on Jupiter, you will need an oxygen tank that you can refill easily with the gases that are already in the planet's atmospere and turn them into oxygen.

You might have to live on one of Jupiter's moons. (because Jupiter is made of gas.)

Fun Facts:

Jupiter's distance from Earth is 4.2 AUs, or 588 million kilometers. In miles, the distance is 365 million miles. These are the the distances for when Jupiter and Earth are the closest to each other.


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