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Radius: 69,911 kmDistance from the sun: 778,500,000 kmMass:1.898E27 kg (317.8 Earth mass)Surface area: 61,418,738,571 km2Orbital period:12 yearsMoons: 67

Jupiter is the largset planet in the solar system and it is fifth planet from the sun. Jupiter has been know o astonomers of the ancient times. The Romans named it after their god...Jupiter. Jupiter is the third-brightest objet in the night sky after the moon and venus.

Europa,Ganymede,lo,Callisto,Amalthea,Adrastea,Thebe,Metis,Ananke,Himalia,Lysitea,Elara,Carme,Sinope,Themiso,Harpalyke,Pasiphae,Megaclite,Dia,Lead,Callirrhoe,Chaldene,Erinome,Euporie,Hermippe,Praxidlike,Arche,Isonoe,Pasithee,Carpo,Cyllene,S/2003 J23,S/2003 J2,Kalyke,Orthosie,Taygete,Locaste,Autonoe,Thyone,Sponde,Euanthe,Eurydome,Aithe,Helike,Thexinoe,kore,Herse,Hegemone,Kallichore,Aoede,S/2003 J K.et, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do ei


Jupiter Rings

Who visited Jupiter?

Jupiter Moons

Fact's About Jupiter

In 1610 Galileo first pointed a telescope at the night sky and he saw Jupiter's fore largest moons lo,Europa,Ganymede and Callisto.

Jupiter was first visited by Pioneer 10 in 1973 then Pioneer 11, The Voyager 11 and 12 ys of coures Ulysses. Later the Spacecraft Galileo orbited around Jupiter for eight years. And it is still regularly observed by the Hubbl Space Telescope.

Jupiter has rings just like Saturn does,only they are much fainter and smaller. They were not expected. They were only discovered when two of the Voyager 1 scientists insisted that it was worth a look to see. Everyone thought that there were no rings on Jupiter. They have since have been imaged in the infrared from ground-based observatonies and by Galileo. Unlike Saturns rings Jupiter has rings that are very dark. Ther're probably composed of very small grains of rocky material. And also Jupiters rings seem to have no ice in them also unlike Saturn.

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