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Jupiter's diameter is 139,000 km! That is almost 11x that of Earth!Jupiter is a gaseous planet and also known as the "Gas Giant".Jupiter has a striped pattern of clouds, which are white, orange, and brown. The shapes of the clouds include eddy shapes, white ovals, brown ovals, and brown barges.Jupiter's atmosphere is the largest in the whole solar system and consists mainly of hydrogen and helium.Jupiter's average temperature is about 234 degrees(F)--BELOW ZERO.

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Jupiter has about 2.5 times as much gravity as Earth!Jupiter's average distance from earth is around 650M km

Jupiter is even further from the sun at a whopping 780M km and takes all of 11.8 (Earth) years to complete one orbit

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This is the "Big Red" spot on Jupiter. A photo taken by the voyager on its flight path

Along wiht being the largest planet in out solar system, Jupiter also has a total of 67 known moons! Four of which were discovered by astronomer Gallileo Galilei in 1610 and are known as the "Gallilaen Satallites". Those are Io (The first to be discovered, and closest to Jupiter), Europa (second closest), Ganymede (Third closest, also the largest of the four), and Callisto (The furthest from Jupiter, and also is the most cratered object in out solar system). Reading this while the Star Wars theme provided ten times cooler, promise.

Even more awesome is that Jupiter is a "Gas Giant". It's made up mostly of Hydrogen and Helium gases, just like the sun! You know what else has gases, this decomposing whale!-->



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