Jupiter/Zeus (King of Gods)

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Jupiter/Zeus (King of Gods)

Jupiter is the king of gods, god of the sky and thunder according to myths. His messenger was the eagle and thunderbolts were his weapons. His wonder of the world is a statue at Olympia. Jupiter means Father Jove, and Jovial means jolly so his name in the English language is translated to Jolly Father. The romans believed that Jupiter provided them with supremacy because they granted him more honor than any other people did. The consuls swore their oath of office in Jupiter's name and honored him on the annual holiday of the Capitol in September. To thank him for his help (and secure his continuing support), they offered him a white ox with gilded horns. Jupiter was the brother of Neptune and Pluto and each ruled over one of the three realms; the sky, the waters, and the underworld.


Jupiter otherwise known as Zeus has successfully been able to command the skies and set the other gods and goddesses to protect and ensure that the universe is in a way that Jupiter (Zeus) feels like it would be safe for the humans that endure it.

Lasting Impact

Until this day the Roman Catholic and possibly Greek Catholic believers continue to ask for protection from Jupiter (Zeus) and worship him.


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Building Zeus

Jupiter is the Romans' equivalent to the Greeks' Zeus. Jupiter had four children whose names are Mars, Vulcan, Minerva, and Hercules. He is especially concerned with oaths, treaties, and leagues, and it was in the presence of his priest that the most ancient and sacred form of marriage (confarreatio) took place. Throughout the Roman Republic this remained the central Roman cult; and, although Augustus’ new foundations (Apollo Palatinus and Mars Ultor) were in some sense its rivals, that emperor was far too shrewd to attempt to oust Iuppiter Optimus Maximus from his paramount position; he became the protecting deity of the reigning emperor as representing the state, as he had been the protecting deity of the free republic. His worship spread over the whole empire.

Jupiter/Zeus (King of Gods)


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