Jungle War

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Jungle War

The Real Jungle War:

"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"For every day I spent in Vietnam this word became my description of what the war was: a Mistake. The Vietnam War was not what our government said it was, it was in fact ten times worst. I left Vietnam with one goal, and that is to tell it like it is. I don't intend undermine the war by changing the numbers of soldiers that I saw die or forget to mentions the atrocities that I witness. I intend to be fair to our men in Vietnam, who deserve so much more than to be forgoten and left behind.

When I was told I would be going to Vietnam to cover the War I thought this would be my chance to show the world how good of a reported I could be. Never did iI thought that it would be a hard job and that my life would be in danger since after all the war at Vietnam was a war that the U.S. was close to winning. Of course i couldn't have been more wrong. The moment I saw the soldiers i was to stay with i knew something was wrong. They didn't seem as optimistic as i thought they would be. They didn't believe half of them would make it out alive. They didn't believe that victory was around the corner like their superiors kept on telling them. It didn't take long for me to realize why they believe this. On my first night there we were attacked by a group of Vietcong. I was terrified and remember the events like if it was yesterday.The fire, the gunshots, the explosions, but mostly the screaming. I heard soldiers that had been blown up cry for their mothers, crying for help or just crying in pain. These cries will follow me for the rest of my life.

Even now that I'm back in America I can still hear the screams that would be often the last thing I heard before falling asleep and the first thing i would hear when i woke up in Vietnam. I can still see the fear in some of the soldiers faces when they realized the monsters they had becomed in a moment of rage. The regret written on their faces when they told me about joining the war. And the sadness i saw a couple of years later when the soldiers that came back were not appreciated for their sacrifice. But i also remember the determination on their faces to make things right, to end this barbaric war and maybe that way manage to bring some peace to their minds. I know that they, like me, will not be able to forget about the war like the rest of the American public has, but we can tell our stories and with that maybe manage to bring some justice to all of those who made many sacrifices and got nothing in return.

Defense Casuality Analysis System (DCAS) Vietnam Conflict Extract File record counts by CASUALTY CATEGORY:

I could say that the violence was only towards the American soldiers but sadly it wasn't. I believed that part of what destroyed my positive depiction of the morals of the war was what i witnessed on my third night staying in Vietnam. The soldiers were angry at the fact that many of their brothers had been killed in the ambush i witnessed and they wanted nothing but revenge. And they got their revenge. two days later they found a group of Vietcong hidding in a small village and what i saw i wish i could forget. Old people, women and children were all killed. Anyone that got in the way didn't stand a chance. What scared me the most wsa the fact that there was little remorse in the eyes of the soldiers at the time. It was then that i realize what this war had done to them. It had destroyed who they were. It had messed up their morals and what scared me the most was that they were following orders.

You Might think that action like that is expected in a war, and in a way it is. However I was a fool, I believed that the war was what the media said it was. I saw more men died than I know the media would later say to the American public back home. I realized then that we were all being lied to. There was so much more to the war than we all thought and suddendly I found myself agreeing with the protesters back at home who didn't agree with the war. Suddendly I wished that people would actually listen to them, and maybe that way many lives would have been saved.

Why were we defending those who most of the time didn't even wanted to be defended?

The U.S. wasn't winning like they made the rest of the public believe


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