Julius Robert Oppenheimer

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Julius Robert Oppenheimer

Julius Robert Oppenheimer

Nuclear Energy

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New York City


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Julius Robert Oppenheimer was born in New York City on April 22,1904. He studied at Ethical Culture Society Schoolon 1922, he entered Harvard Uni-versity as a chemist, but studiedphysicsIn 1925 went to Cambridge University and conducted research underJ.J. ThompsonIn 1926, Oppenheimer went to University of Göttingen obtaining a PDH at 22.In 1927, he returned to Harvard to study physics, and in early 1928, he studied at the California Institute of Technology.For 13 years, Oppenheimer pursued working at both colleges.

Oppenheimer was credited as the founding father of physics. -astrophysics, nuclear physics, spectros-copy, and quantum field theoryHe made contributions to the theory ofcosmic ray showerings and quantam tunneling.in 1930, the theory of black holes exsistingwas suggested on paper for the firsttime. Study(Nuclear energy, is the use of exothermic nuclear power, to generate useful heat and electricity.)During World War II2 types of nuclear bombs were made; a uranium gun-type and plutonium implosion-type bomb

In November, Oppenheimermarried a Berkley student andgot their first son, Peter in 1941When World war II began, RobertOppenheimer took over the makingof nuclear calculations.In June 1942, General Groves direct-ed Oppenheimer to be the sciencedirector of the Manhattan Project.(Manhattan Project-research anddevelopment project that developedthe first atomic bombs duringWorld War ll.) The Laboratories at Los Alamos were constructed. Was refered to as the founding"father" of the atomic bombIn 1944, Oppenheimer's secondchild, Katherine was born.

In July 16, the first atomic explosionwas made. (Trinity Test) Through 1947 ~ 1952, Oppenheimerwas appointed Chairman for the Atomic Energy CommissionHe opposed on making a hydrogenbomb so was accused of havingcommunist sympathy.His security clearance was taken away and all the members of AECwere shocked.

In 1963, President LyndonB. Johnson attemped onfixing these injustices byrewarding Oppenheimer withAtomic Energy Commission's prestigious Enrico Fermi Award.1947~1966, Oppenheimer alsoserved as a director at PrincetonUniversityretired at 1966 and died of throat cancer at 1967 on Feburary 18.

Oppenheimer's idea of education proved to be significant than any other scientist. "creating the greatest school of theoretical physics that the United States has ever known." Oppenheimer's thory of the black hole made astrophysics evolve

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