Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Another bad decision of his that hurt him was that he crossed the Rubicon. In doing this it caused a war that he didnt think that he would have to fight

Caesar was a well known and respected general. even though he was Rome still felt threatened by Pompey. This made Julius return to Rome gather up his army and invade Pompey. Pompey didnt have the man power to hold his army back so they retreated farther back until they couldnt anymore and prepared for war. Caesar led his men to a victory and took over Pompey.

Julius Caesar was born on July 13th 100 BC. He was born into an aristicratuc family but was far from rich. At the young age of just 16 his father Gauis Caesar passed away causing him to become very close with his mother Aurelia.

Personal Life 1

Shortly after his father had passed away Caesar made a bold move. He had married Cornelia who was anoble and out of his class. This was brought to the attention of the current ruler if Rome which was Sulla. Sulla threatened Caesar and said that if he doesnt divorce her all of his land and family's land will be taken away. he found a way to escape this which was by joining the military

Personal Life 2

One of the best things that caesar had always done when he was dictator was defend Rome well. He had fought off invasions from the Germans, Helvetians, and the Nervii.

Another thing Caesar did to help Rome was expand the empires borders. He launched attacks on Germany, and Britain. He took these territories and this greatly improved the empirres power and economy.

Good for Rome 1

Julius Caesar also hurt the empires progression. He denied the idea of rome becoming a republic which many people did not like at the time.

Bad for Rome 1

Good for Rome 2

Julius Caesar also became power hungry and wanted to be dictator for life and not a new dictator to arise. this is what caused him to get assassinated

Bad for Rome 2

Good for Rome 3

Bad for Rome 3

Caesar had found escape and joined the military serving first in the province of Asia and then in Cilicia. he had been adept at leading the men and fighting atthe time and rose throught the ranks eventually becoming one of Sulla's best lieutenants.

Personal Life 3

Once Sulla died Caesar left the military and returned home. He then started his career in politics. He had then relocated to study at better places in Rhodes but was then kidnapped by pirates. he had convinced the pirates to give Caesar a ransom. they then did and the military of Rome didnt respond well. They had came and faught the pirates capturing and executing them all and saving Julius

Personal Life 4

Anothe r thing Caesar did to help the

Lastly one of Caesars best contributions to Rome was a standardised roman calendar. this calendar introduced leap years to make ererything more accurate. Also it made it so it didnt take a group of people to decipher it.

Good for Rome 4

Lastly during Caesars rule there was an extreme coin shortage that hurt the empires economy. People stopped spending money and saving all of their coins so they didnt run out.

Bad for Rome 4


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