Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar

Donmar Warehouse's all-female production (2012)that takes place in a women's prison

JULIUS CAESAR has had many incredibly notable production over the course of history. Each production of JULIUS CAESAR has its own unique stamp and adds to the interesting history of the show.

A disagreement between John Wilkes Booth and his brother Edwin Booth over the role of Brutus in a 1864 production of JULIUS CAESAR, made Wilkes Booth declare that he was going to make his name more famous than his brother Edwin's. When Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln he supposedly shouted "Sic semper tyrannis," Edwin' declaration as Brutus' after stabbing Caesar.

The Royal Shakespeare Company's all-black production of JULIUS CAESAR (2012)

Square Talk's production JULIUS CAESAR, an independent movie directed by Nicolas Walke.

Orson Welle's 1937 modernized production.


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