Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar

- Shakespeare's children and parents were illiterate- He was a poet and a playwright- Wrote at least 37 works- His plays were mainly comedies, tradgedies, and historical - He never published his own plays- Many people are lead to beleive that Shakespeare didn't write his own plays

'For our elders say, the barren, touched in this holy chase, shake off their sterile curse.' - p.722

The Great Julius Caesar

'If there be any in this assembly,any dear friend of Caesar's, to him i say, that Brutus's love to Caesar was no less than his."' 'Had you rather Caesar were living and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to all live free men?'- pg.772

'Why didst thou send me forth, brave Cassius? Did I not meet thy friends? and did not they put on my brows this wreath of victory, and bid me give it thee? Didst thou hear thier shouts? Alas, thou hast miscontrued everything.' - p.808

'Not that I lov'd Caesar less, but that I lov'd Rome more.'- p.772

In the play Julius Caesar, Shakespeare is trying to convey that doing the right thing doesn't always reward well. The idea behind this statement is ignorance. Mark Antony was the definition of ignorance as he did not even give a thought to the threat Caesar's power may have posed. Meanwhile, Brutus is trying to do the best thing for everyone involved, and he gets totally shot down for it.

Mark Antony

' Caesar's better parts shall be crown'd in Brutus.'- p.773. . . . . . soon after. . . . . . ' There's not a nobler man in Rome than Antony.'- p.775

- The Romans built aqueducts as a source of water- The 1st Triumvirate included Pompey and Caesar- Attempts for republic failed, and Octavius proceded Caesar as king- Caesar held the position of consul, and tribune of the people- The roman empire fell in 476 B.C.

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