Julius Caesar (by joseph1817)

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Julius Caesar (by joseph1817)

Julius Ceaser

Julius Ceaser was born on July 12 or 13 in the year 100B.C.

The Name Ceaser means "King"

Julius was taunted all his life for charges of having been the lover of king Nicomedes of Bithynia

Julius Ceaser married 4 times and he was guilty of many extra marital affairs.

When young Julius Ceaser went to Rhodes to study Oratory he was captured by pirates whom he charmed and became friends with.When he was freed he ordered for them to be executed.

Julius won one of the councilships in 59 B.C. He became a governor of a Lucrative province.

Julius Ceaser was a roman dictator with divine honor but he didnt have a crown. In 44 B.C. Conspirators feared that Julius was aiming to become Emperor so they killed him in the Ides of March



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