Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar

* Full name was Gauis Julius Caesar and he was born in Subura, Rome on July 13 * At age 6 he started his education with a private tutor to learn to read and write* At the age of 16 his father passed away, and Julius had to take care of the household, his mother and

Steps:1.) 5 New interesting facts about Julius Caesar2.) 3 Misconceptions about julius Caesar3.) Why did Shakespear write the play the way he did?

Julius Caesar

sister and then got married for the first time at age 17. * He became governor of Spain for 3 years *He was a priest and lost his priestood after he left to hide from Sulla and returned back to Rome untill Sulla passed away. * He was kidnapped by pirates and was held for ransom.



* William Shakespear had written the play with not alot of background on Julius Caesar because he only wanted to tell the story on what led to his death. * Writting more in depth about his life would of been helpful. This would of lead us to see more into who and how he was really like.


* Seemed like he was a snobby ruler who had a perfect childhood and life but in reality he went through many things and made him who he was. * Seemed like he was faithful to his 2nd wife but in reality he wasnt, he was a jerk.

* He seemed like a good ruler, someone who was noble and worthy of Rome but in reality he wasnt any better than the rest of Rome. He became selfish, rude, hurtful etc.

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