[2015] Shenelle Weston (8-2): Juliette Hampton Morgan

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[2015] Shenelle Weston (8-2): Juliette Hampton Morgan

Juliette Hampton Morgan was born on February 12, 1914. Juliette Morgan was an only child, born to Frank P. and Lila Bess Olin Morgan of Montgomery, Alabama. Her family were seventh generation southerners. Ms. Morgan was part of a community that wanted integration. She soon often spoke about the cruel events and acts of injustice involving African-Americans that took place in her community in her letters to the Montgomery Adviser (the local newspaper). Once her community found out about a racial views she was targeted by segregationists who broke her window and burned crosses in her lawn. Juliette could not bare the torture and pain so she took her own life .She died on July 16, 1957.


“ The Negroes of Montgomery seem to have taken a lesson from Gandhi... Their own task is greater than Gandhi's however, for they have greater prejudice to overcome. One feels that history is being made in Montgomery these days... It is hard to imagine a soul so dead, a heart so hard, a vision so blinded and provincial as not to be moved with admiration at the quiet dignity, discipline and dedication with which the Negroes have conducted their boycott.” - Juliette Hampton Morgan

She became a civil rights activist. She let the public(other communites) know about the racists acts occuring in her community.She gave people hope.

Lasting Impact

Tell how this person has affected our world and lives still today

My Sources

- History.com- The book: Juliette Morgan- Back gound knowledge from my mother

Juliette Hampton Morgan


Juliette Memorial Museum

Juliette's letter


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