Julie of the wolves

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Julie of the wolves

Miyax Is a thirteen year old girl who is lost in the tundra of Alaska.She wants to go to see her pen pal in San Fransisco.Her father Kapugen, was a great Eskimo hunter who went to sea and never returned.So she runs away and plans to work on a huge ship as a laundress or cook,but everything doesn't go as planned.She slept in a wolves cave and didn't know it and became one of them.She used gestures, mannerisms, and howls, she manages to become friends with the pack.The leader Amaroq, never stared her into her eyes as if there something very suspicious about her.

Julie Of The Wolves

"JaQuan Glover"

Daughter of Kapugen

Eskimo Hunter




Leader of the wolf pack

Family always has your back no matter what

there is a need for balance in nature in order for us to survive.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.


.What does Miyax do with the carving of Amaroq after his death? -> Makes it into a necklace

Why does Miyax go back to civilization at the end of the book? -> She is tired of having to hunt for her food


"As his eyes softened, the sweet odor of ambrosia arose from the gland on top of his tail and she was drenched lightly in wolf scent. Miyax was one of the pack."

-What started out as a terrifying moment with Amaroq , turns out to be one of the most important moments in Miyax's young life. She's done it: she's officially a member of the wolf family.

"Her hands trembled and her heartbeat quickened, for she was frightened, not so much of the wolves, who were shy and many harpoon-shots away, but because of her desperate predicament."

-Miyax is afraid of starving to death.

"Maybe you'll learn to like it so much, you'll travel with me," she said, and threw him another chunk of meant. "That would be nice, for I will be lonely without you."

-Though she's lost, Miyax manages not to be so lonely after all. Turns out, the tundra is full of friends, as long as you know how to find them. Her bird-friend Tornait is another example of this.



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