Julia's reflction glog

by JENelson
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Julia's reflction glog

My friend Annica and I first made glogs to advertise our art gallery project.It was a lot of fun but it was a lot of work too.First we colected art. Next we took photos and up-loaded them to key note.We made them into slides and put them on the morning announcements. I think the people who gave art were exited to see their art.If I where to do this again, I would make sure we SAVED OUR WORK before we closed the laptop!All of us where having fun during the process of putting the slide show together!

HI!Today I will be talking about Julia's Make Your Mark Project!

Julia and Annica created a glog to advritise their project.

Next to me is a picture ofJulia and Annica working on their project.

A lot of people liked their progect

Next to me is a picture of Julia and Annica working on their project.



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