[2015] ciera fieldc: Julia Hacker

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[2015] ciera fieldc: Julia Hacker


One can see better in the Distance

Julia Hacker~Canadian Artist


Painting AcrylicSize: 30 x 30 Woman looking at two small figures in the distnace.

Collage: Paper and Paint Size: 16 x16 Theater, stage, figure of a singer , woamen in a black dress bed=side piano.

Julia Hacker holds a Masters in Fashion Design from the University of Fine Art. Julia Hacker is a Toronto based artist. The majority of her work, Julia Hacker uses paper, found objects and paint. Her inspiration often comes from training as a fashion designer.


By, Ciera Field

What makes Julia's artwork so sucessful is because all her drawings come out with a postive outcome making the viewer think about them and really see whats going on. I found that her artwork is emotional. Her paintings are colourful, uses imagination and also tells a story.Theres value, colour,lines, so she uses a variety of concepts in art.


''My purpose is to engage the viewer, to draw out a sense of wonder through the colours and textures of my work. Every painting has a story, a fantasy world''. ~Julia

Born 1990, raised in a capital of Belarus, Minsk. She immigrated to Toronto, Canada where she lives and works as a full time artist.


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