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RumpThe True Story of Rumpelstiskin

Dear Robert,Lord Greedy-Fatt-Miller Oswald is withholding more rations becouse we are finding even less gold. I think the king has found Opal out. Don't worry, I won't say athing about you- know-what, Obviously, Opal can't make gold out of straw, but the king can't kill her, becouse....Well you know......and so the king has turned his wrath on The Mountain, demanding more gold. But there's no gold. So everyone is really hugry and grumpy. RedP.S. You mat be taller than me, but I can still pound you.s

"Red for mesage! Red for message!"

Leisil Shurtliff......-has a degree in music, dance, and theater from Brigham Young University -working on her second book(Rump was her first) of retelling Jack and the Beanstalk-Was born and raised in Salt Lake City,Utah

written by

RumpRump is very determined to find is name. For example, when he leaves for yonder just to find his family to help him find his name. He want a full destiny.

RedRed is tempermental and tough yet helpless at the sam time.For instance, when she stands up for Rump and punches the bully in the face,that shows her toughness.But when she ets kidnapped by the miller, that shows her helplessness.

settingOne of the happiest settings in the book is at the wool witches house (a.k.a. Rump's aunts).It is a cozy cottage in wich there are many muchines to help them sew and spin. It is in the middle of the woods in yonder. There are many rooms and a big oak table. There were three windows and embrioded throws everywhere.

The book Rump by Leisil Shurtliff was humerous and action paked. I gave it five stars becouse of the action, description, and jokes. This book was about a boy who needed his full name to complete his destiny. This twist on the classic Rumpelstilskin was worth gold. Every good book has sad parts toio, and Rump as not a tear jerker,but it was sad at times. For example, when Rump's gran dies, that was sad. This book is very easy to understand and makes you want to read more. This is the book that I think should win the Newberry Award.

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