[2015] Bridie OConnor: Julia Gillard Biography

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[2015] Bridie OConnor: Julia Gillard Biography

Julia Gillard contributed to Australia in a lot of amazing ways. After she replaced Kevin Rudd on the 24th of June 2010 and became the first female Priminister of Australia. She inspired other girls to study and try to get a good education because girls can also get a good job in the professional world.

Family 1964

Julia Gillard was born in Wales on the 29th September 1961 . She also has an older sister Allison. After she migrated to Australia she settled into Mitcham Demonstration Primary School and went to Unely High School.

Julia Gillard came to Australia in 1966 on the 7th of February and was part of an Australian assisted migration scheme called the Ten Pound Poms. She came to Australia when she was 4 years old and she also came with her sister Allison which was 7 years old at the time and her parents John and Moria Gillard. She migrated to Australia because she had bronchial pnemonia and Australia was a warmer country to suit her.

Julia Gillard's Parents

Julia Gillard Politician


Early Life



Julia Gillard Student

Julia Gillard taking over as Priminister of Australia


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