[2015] Fiona Ung: Julia Gillard

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[2015] Fiona Ung: Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard was born in Wales 1961 on the 29th of September.

Julia Gillard

She moved from Wales, England to Adelaide, Australia at the age of 4.

Early Life

How has she contributed to Australia

She had bronchial pneimonia and the docter recommended to move to a wamer place so her parents decided to migrate to Australia.

Julia attened Mitcham primary school, Unley high school and transfered to University of Melbourne to study law and politics.

She contributed by making Australia a better world by becoming the first female prime minister on the 24th of June 2010-2013.

Julia with her family

Julia Gillard as a child

How she came to Australia

She came to Australia with her parents and her older sister Allisonon a boat called Fairsky.

After a few years her parents

After a few years this is what Julia looks like

She has inspired others to follow the dreams of becoming what ever they want to be in future.

She also make it a better world by participating in a charity called "Because I am girl" which helps woman and young kids to have a better life.


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