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Jules Verne

Jules Verne

Did you Know?Jules Verne wrote about anventions before they ghad ever been thought about or created like space travel. Also he hung out with both Victor Hugo and Alexander Dumas, who gave him writing advice. once He was shot in 1886 by his mentally ill nephew, Gaston. Two shots were fired, one missing and the other hitting his left leg. Gaston spent the remainder of his life in a mental asylum and Verne had a limp for the rest of his life, which ended in 1905 of diabetes.

Greate Moments Some famos books Juels Verne wrote are Around the world in 50 Days, The Adventures of a Special Corispondent, Journy to the Center of the earth. Some honors that Jules has is that he is often called the "father of science fiction". He also became the second most translated author on earth. Jules Verne has written 70 books throught his carrer.

Vitial Statistics Jules Verne was born in Nantes France Febuary 8, 1878 and he died on March 24,1905 in Amiens, France. Jules Verne went to boarding school and dicieded to study law. Jules verne as a chilod lived next to busy port in france and everyone told him about stories on thir ship rides making Jules imagination spark. When Jules was a little older he loved theater and play and started to write lots of plays and thats how his writting carrer started .

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