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Jules Gabriel Verne


-20,000 leagues under the sea- Journey to the centerof theearth -From the earth to the moon -A journey to the north pole -Around the world-Around the world in eighty days

Jules Verne was a 19th century French author whose revolutionary science-fiction novels, including Around the World in Eighty Days and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, have entranced readers for more than a century.Jules Verne was born on February 8, 1828, in the city of Nantes, France, a busy maritime port city. There, Verne was exposed to schooners and ships departing and arriving, sparking his imagination for travel and adventure. While attending boarding school, he began to capture his imagination in short stories and poetry. After Verne left boarding school, his father sent him to Paris to study law, as he himself had done before.

JULES GabrielVerne

In all, Verne wrote more than 70 books (most notably the 54 novels comprising the Voyages Extraordinaires), and conjured hundreds of memorable characters and countless innovations years before their time, including the submarine, space travel, terrestrial flight and deep-sea exploration.His works of imagination, and the innovations and inventions contained within, have appeared in countless forms, from motion pictures to the stage, to television. Often referred to as the "father of science fiction," Jules Verne is the second most translated writer of all time (behind Agatha Christie), and his writings on scientific endeavors have sparked the imaginations of writers, scientists and inventors for over a century.






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