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A growing world sport for people of all ages, which is very physical. Takes place on the ground (where most fights end up). A type of grappling, which i believe is the best fighting style. Teaches self-confidence, individual sports skills and strength training.

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regular jui-jitsu class in session

cross choke from behind


Learn how to do triangle choke

maybe i should go try it out soon

Jui-jitsu was brought to the americas in 1915 from a judo master in Japan. While in brazil, the art transformed into Brazilian Jui-jitsu. Jui-jitsu has spread around the world to various cultures and ways of life in countless countries.

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an adult jui-jitsu match


  • Supersap 8 years ago

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    Good but I can't get any of the videos.

  • lijosiej 8 years ago

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    thats a cool sport