Judy Garland:Loren!

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Judy Garland:Loren!

In 1969 Judy Garland death came with an accedential suicide of a pill overdose! Judys death was a huge thing it brought outcome to alot of people, family, and friends, also fans of Judys! Judys death made her even more famous than what she already was or has been!

At the start of age 2 Judy was already famous and millions of shows wanted her to join them, people think weight mattered, so to keep Judys weight down they give her pills which caused an addication and eventually lead to her suicidel death!

One of Judys losses was her fathers death when he died of Spinel meningit! It brought Judy down but made her even more famous, cause her life was difficult, and alll she needed was family complications. Which hurt Judy, brought her popularity and sympathy. People dont get that famous people are real people and need brakes like every one else!

Judy at age 2.


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