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Judy Blume

Judy Blume is a best selling author, who is well known for writing children's books and young adult novels. Growing up Judy had such an active imagination and created stories in her head. She never wrote them down or told anyone. When her children started school she began to write and has been writing ever since!

Author of the Month:Judy Blume

Popular contemporary author for upper elementary to junior high school readers

75 million of her books have sold

The truth will make you odd-Judy Blume

Biography-born in Elizabeth, New Jersey-studied at New York University in 1960-founder and trustee of the Kids Fund-recieved the Margaret A. Edwards Award

BooksSuperfudgeFudge-a-maniaDouble FudgeIggie's HouseBlubberDeenieTiger EyesFreckle JuiceForeverThen Again, Maybe I Won'tWifeySmart WomenTales of a Fourth Grade NothingPlaces I never Meant to Be

Growing up, Judy Blume dreamed about becoming a cowgirl, a detective, a spy, a great actress, or a ballerina

Fun fact:

What's the point of thinking about how it is going to end when it's just the beginning? -Judy Blume


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