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Judy Blume

Judy Blume

Judy SussmanIs Born

Judy EarnsB.S. Of Education From NYU 1956

Judy Sussman AttendsPublic schools in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Judys Daughter Randy Lee isBorn 1961

A author with great insight, voice and persistance!

1996: Judy Recieves one of the highest honors of her career, the Margret A, Edwards Award

Unlucky in Love. After 16 years divorces John M. Blume 1975

Judy Sussman BecomesJudy Blume

Judy marriesGeorge Cooper1985

Judys Son Lawerance Andrew is born1963

Judy's 1st BookPublished in 1969

Published in 1971

Published in 1975

Published in 1970

Published 1972

. "I've always been able to write, even when everything else was falling apart"

Judy Hastily Remarries 1976

After a Rocky 3 years Judy divorces again in 1979

Living Legend Award2000

Published In 1980

Many of Blume's more than 25 young-adult novels have come under harsh scrutiny for discussing mature themes and certain titles have even been banned in some schools across the country. Her books tackle tough subjects like sex, puberty, religion and divorce, and making them accessible to adolescents. She is a vocal free-speech advocate who sits on the Board of Directors of the National Coalition Against Censorship and encourages knowledge and open discussion.

Published in 1986

Published 2015

Printable Author Biohttp://www.randomhouse.com/kids/pdf/AuthorBioJudyBlume.pdf

http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/bookwizard/books-by/judy-blume#cart/cleanupGreat Book list

80 Million in book sales! Translated into 31 languages

Published in 1998

Judy Blume has received countless state and local awards for her books, as well as the International Reading Association Children’s Choice Award (1981), an American Book Award nomination for Tiger Eyes (1983), the Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Award and Children’s Choice Award—Favorite Author (1983), and the Margaret A. Edwards Award (1996).

Judy is on Face book

Over 90 Literary Awards!

Judy Lives Life and little is heard from her until 2015!


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