Judgement of the Nations: Matthew 25:31-46

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Judgement of the Nations: Matthew 25:31-46

In the parable of the Judgement of Nations in Matthew 25:31-46, it discusses the second coming of Jesus Christ again. He will gather all the people together and then decide their fate whether they will ascend to heaven or descend to purgatory and hell. This gospel reading describes the fate of humanity upon the return of Jesus. Christ will seat upon his mighty throne and separate the nations like a a shepherd divides the sheep from goats.

Judgement of the Nations Matthew 25:31-46 by St. Genesius

The parable of the Judgement of the Nations portrays the trait of the Kingdom of God that is, living reality. The parable is this character trait because it shows that the Kingdom of God is displayed on Earth in the actions of the people of the Earth.


Kingdom of God


1. Jesus invites every person to the KOG, but some people will choose to go the other way and ignore his invitation.2. Jesus explains that when we have done service for one another, we have done service for him. 3. When we reject the act of helping those who need it most, we reject the mission that Jesus has started and requests us to continue, we reject the invitation that Jesus has offered us into the KOG, as well as the love that God has given us.“A symbol of what God desires for all people and for creation. It signifies a reign of love and kindness, of peace and justice, of holiness and fullness of life for all.”

Summary by Maddy Fetter Teasching by Jenae Ty de Guzman Kingdom of God by RIley HassettVideo by Danielle Swanson Edited by Brittney Pinzon


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