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By: Kiana M. Winkfield

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Judge's Description


Judges preside over courts of law, making sure the court administers justice while respecting the people's legal rights.

Education Requirements

- High school students interested in becoming a judge should take courses in English, history, law, and government.- To become a judge, you usually have to be a lawyer first.- Bachelor's Degree- Juris Doctor (JD)- Admission to a state bar association may be required.

Judge's Responsibilites

Estimated Salary

- Examine evidence and decide if cases should go to trial.- Judges work for municipal, state, and federal governments.- In a criminal case, the judge may decide to send the defendant to jail until trial.- In a civil case, the judge may put restrictions on the defendant, such as placing limits on his or her travel.- If there is no jury, the judge must examine the evidence and decide the verdict.

The estimated salary of a judge is$123,000 to $212,000 a year. Judge's salaries are generally determined by the level of the court they are elected or appointed to.

Judge's Environment

- Judges work in courtrooms and offices.- Most judges work from 8 to 11 hours a day, but during trials they may work 12 or 13 hours a day.- Local travel is often required.

Interesting Facts

- Judges receive benefits such as health,life, and dental insurance, paid vacations and sick leave, and pension plans.- Some trials can actually be very emotionallydraining.- Judge Judy is a family court judge.

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