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Social Studies
Jewish History

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•The history of Judaism begins with Abraham, who came to believe in one Supreme Being, his son Isaac.• Isaac's son Jacob, called to Israel,•Jacob'had 12 sons who founded the twelve tribes of Israel

•The Shabbat,(Sabbath)follows six days of workday activity, it parallels the account in the book of Genesis of God’s rest afterCreation•Hanukkah is often presented as a “Jewish alternative” to Christmas. Unfortunate, as the Festival of Lights needs recognition on its own terms and within its own tradition.





Historical Figures

An Example of Jewish worship is a syngogue, a house of worship similar to a church in Christan sense, what they do is teach, study , and worshipJewish Prayer: Jewish people pray in different ways, an example is praying in groups is regurly done, praying alone is allowed but every effort is made to pray in group.

Rabbi: is no priest in Jewish sense and has basic authority by performing rituals than any adult male member of the Jewish community.•A rabbi is simply a Jewish teacher, a person educated enough in Jewish law and tradition to teach the community and to answer questions and resolve disputes regarding Jewish law. etc

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the prophet Moses, who received God's law at Mt. Sinai. Judaism praises Moses as the greatest prophet Judaism has ever known throught his teachings.


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