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Jewish History

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Abraham forms the first covenant with God1713 BC

About period...According to biblical accounts, Judaism developed while the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt. It was during this time and the time of the exodus, which most scholars place in the 14th century BCE, that Judaism's most sacred text, the Torah, was written. Jewishness is also considered by many as an ethnicity. Jewish people have suffered through eradication attempts during the Nazi Holocaust.

judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world that still exists today.Jewish beliefs center on the conviction that there is only one God.

Today, approximately 14 million people identify themselves as Jews. There are three main branches of Judaism, each with different approaches to religious life. Jewish life is rich in traditions, rituals and holidays, which commemorate the past, celebrate the present, and express hope for the future

The most important, primal, and very first rite of Judaism—both in terms of its historical origins and occasion in life—is the circumcision of all baby boys at the age of eight days. This ritual was initiated when God commanded the first Jewish patriarch, Abraham, to circumcise himself, all the male members of his household, and all his descendants as an eternal sign of the Divine Covenant between God and Abraham

Abraham is born1813 BC

Moses leads the Jews on an exodus from Egypt1820 BC

King Solomon constructs the First Temple970 BC

Abraham is born around 1813 BCE. According to the first five books of the Bible, God chooses Abraham to be the father of Isaac, the founder of the Jewish people. This people will be special to God, as well as an example of holiness to others around the world.

Around 1713 BCE, Abraham circumcises himself, and this act symbolizes the covenant between God and all his descendants. Under this covenant, God promises to make Abraham the father of a great nation, and to give his descendants the land that later becomes Israel. This is the basis for male circumcision in the Jewish faith.

For several hundred years, the Jews are enslaved in Egypt. Moses, a Jewish man raised as an Egyptian prince, is appointed God's prophet. Around 1280 BCE he leads his people out of enslavement on a journey to Canaan known as the Exodus. During this time, Moses presents the Israelites with the Ten Commandments and forms a new covenant with God, which lays the foundation for the Jewish religion.

King Solomon of Israel builds his crowning achievement, the First Temple, on Mount Moriah around 970 BCE. This temple houses the Ark of the Covenant, a holy relic that contains the Ten Commandments. Several hundred years later, the temple is destroyed by the Babylonians.

Israel splits into two kingdoms920 BC


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