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Star of David


Menorah is the Hebrew word for lamp, and specifically refers to the seven-branched candelabrum that was used in the ancient Temple in Jerusalem. The ninth flame is called the shamash ("the servant"), for its purpose is to light the others.

Hebrew Chai Symbol

Shield of David, or as it is more commonly known, the (Star of David) is the symbol most commonly associated with Judaism today, but it is actually a relatively new Jewish symbol. It is supposed to represent the shape of King David's shield (or perhaps the emblem on it)

Hebrew Chai Symbol is a Hebrew word that figures prominently in modern Jewish culture; the Hebrew letters of the word are often used as a visual symbol.

Anti Semitisim

is hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group

-Monotheistic-Mesiah has not come yet-Covanant with abraham-Dietary laws-Circumcisim

5 Beliefs of Judaism

Orthodox Jews are very unique in their lifestyle. They are very family oriented and lead warm and loving large families. Honoring parents and devotion.

An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stands in front a menorah on the third eve of Hanukkah.


Christian crusaders under the Frankish knight Geoffrey de Boullion conquered Jerusalem after a five-week siege on this date in 1099.

After the overthrow of the Crusaders by a muslim army under Saladin (1187), the Jews were again accorded a certain measure of freedom, including the right to live in Jerusalem.

Anti Semitism during the Crusades was very much like the Holocaust.In France and Germany the jews were seen as a large enemy just as the muslims. There had been a huge massacre in the first Crusades. The reasoning from the jews being in this Rhineland massacre is because they were non believers also had very good money. Therefor lead to a huge war against the jews to be conqured

Sterotypes: Jews were hated ob just because they didnt believe there was a mesiah and were greedy.Also the Jews were expected to be the ones that commit crimes and they shall be beaten till they confess even tho they didnt do it.


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