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People who believe in Judaism are known as Jews. In Judaism their god is Yahweh. Judaism was founded by Abraham. Their religious text is known as the Torah. They have their own religious calendar which includes many of their religious holidays. Their place of worship is known as a synagogue and this is where their services and sacrifices are held. Some of the most important people in the synangoge is Rabbi, Chazan, Gabbai, Kohein, Levi, Rebbe and Tzaddik. The Rabbi is the teacher and decider of matters of religious law.

The most common language in Judaism is Yiddish. It is the language for the Ashkenazic Jews but not the Sephardic Jews. This language is based off German, Hebrew and other languages. Their alphabet is based off of the Hebrew alphabet. The Hebrew alphabet is used in the Torah. This language developed a rich literature, theater and music.


Signs and Symbols

Calendars and Holidays

Yahweh's Beliefs

In Judaism there are many signs and symbols. One is the Menorah which is a candle holder which is lit for a total of eight days over the holiday Hannukah. The Jewish star is reffered as Magen David. The skullcap (yarmulke) is used as a pious custom.

Jews wear different clothes than other religions. In the synagogue men have to a cap (yarmulke) over their head to show respect while women should wear modest clothing.

Their Clothing

Jews don't like interfaith marriages. Yahweh only wants his people to believe in him and nobody else. Yahweh doesn't believe in mercy and and he believes in banishing evil from around them.

Their Beliefs

The Jews have their own calendar and holidays seperate from other religions. The Jewsih calendar is based off moon cycles. For every 29 to 30 days there is a special name for those time periods. Each of these holidays represents a Jewish belief.


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