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Social Studies
Jewish History

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"Faith at your fingertips"Judaism is a well detailed and oriented faith, so here is just a summary on what's it's about. The founder of Judaism was Abraham. This religion was founded in Canaan an ancient near eastern reigon. This is now Isreal and Pakistainian territory. Judiasm has a relationship with one god, Yahweh. Jewish are monotheisist (belief in only one god). Yahweh, was not a physical being, and no images were made of him. According to the Hebrew Bible, Yahweh looked after the Hebrews because Abraham promised to obey him. In return Yahweh promised to look after him and his decendents. Judaism's moral conducts come from, mainly, the 10 commandements. The 10 commandments outline the Jewish rules. One of them includes, "You shall not murder." The 10 commandements are one of the bases to the Jewish religion. The sacred texts, like the Hebrew Bible and Torah follow these beliefs. Judaism has many holidays within the Jewish calender year. There are so many, so here is a brief description of five important ones. Passover or Pesach, is a spring holiday that acknowledges Exodus; the liberation of the Hebrews Egypt in the time of Moses. Passover starts on the 15th of, the Jewish month, Nisan. Work is forbidden during this time. Rosh Hashanan or the Jewish New Year, is also an important holiday. This day is to remember the creation of the world, and to remember their responsibilities as god's chosen people. This holiday normall occurs in September or October. Yom Kippur is known as the absolute most important holiday in the Jewish culture. This is a time where mostly nonobservent Jews most likely refrain from work, fast, and attend Synagogue. This is celebrated on the seventh month of the Jewish Year, Tishri. Shabbat is a holiday in which is centered around family. This is a day in which work is forbidden, and is a time for relaxing, being with family, and reflecting. You are not allowed to bake or even make a cup of coffee. The most common Jewish holiday that is known is Hanukkah. This is a time of celebration and dedication that commemorates the legened that Jews had risen up against their Greek-Syrian oppressors in Maccabean Revolt. Hanukkah normally starts late November or early December. Along wtih the holidays that they celebrate they also have rituals. Some of their rituals include what you do when someone passes away. When someone passes away they normally call the Rabi. The Rabi then arranges the funeral which is taken place as quickly as possible. Judaism forbids crementation. They may pray in the Synagogue, Temple, or at home. Gender, in Judaism is very well equally divided. Gender is expresses through Bar Mizvahs and Bat Mizvahs. Bar Mizvahs is for the boys and age 13, and Bat Mizvahs are for the girls at age 12. This is the celebration of becoming of age to be an official member of the Jewish community, lead religious services, form binding contracts, testify before religious courts, and to marry. Women and men are what they call seperate but equal. Women have differnt jobs, but they are still equally respected. The Jewish culture is organized by mostly the Hebrew Bible and the Torah. They express this in their Synagogues, Temples, and in their homes, Pray is a big thing in Judaism. When people hear Judaism they often go straight to associating it with Hanukkah. I would say this is their mainstream holiday. This holiday last eight days and nights, and like all Jewish holidays it starts and ends at sunset. People often associate this with Christmas a Christian holiday because it's a time of giving gifts, eating, and playing games. Hanukkah is also known at the Festival of Lights.

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This map represents the migration of the Judaism religion. To begin with Judaism was mostly in Europe, and as you can see the main countries were Germany, Austria, Hungary, Lithuania, and Crimea. Judaism started to move because of socialism. They wanted to leave countries where they were felt unwanted, and not socially excepted because of the leader and or people. Especially in Germany, Austria, and Hungary. Once WWII came Judaism quicklly needed to escape those three countries where Nazi's mainly were.

This is aTorah, one of the sacred texts the Jewish followed.

These are the candles that were lit on Hanukkah. One every day for 8 days.

This is the Star of David. Judaism's main symbol.




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