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Social Studies
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Followers: JewsHoly Book: TorahMain Sects: Orthodox, Reform,Conservative ReconstructionistProphets/Teachers: Abraham


According to the religion,the prophet Abraham (who is also common to christianity and islam) introduced the idea of monotheism, or belief in one god,to the isrealites, the jews' ancestors.

Worship at Synagogues

The Jews celebrate many holidays, including Rosh Hashnah, (Jewish New Year) Yom Kippur, (end of 10 day celebration), Passover (liberation of jew's liberation from Egypt, and of course, Hanukkah

Believe God is the source of morality (right and wrong) and follow strict dietary and practices laws. The dietary laws allow only foods permitted by their bible, or "kosher foods"

Jews set aside a weekly day of rest, the sabbath to worship their god. they also worship at their churches, called synagogues, which are led by rabbis.

The Torah

Abraham(Not the President!)

The Belz Great synagogue,the largest jewish synagogue

Jerusalem, holiest cityin Judaism and capitalof Isreal

Fun Facts:-Jewish children gain adult responsibilities at ages 12 or 13-Started around 1950 B.C.-Many Jews were slaughtered in WW2-Jews refrain from working or driving on major holy days-Unlike other ancient civilizations, the isrealites did not see their leaders as gods-the dietary laws prohibit jews from eating pork, shellfish, mix milk, and certain meat products, among other things-the sabbath happens on Sunday-the Belz Great Synagogue can seat over 5000 people-the jewish calendar has less than 365 days, so they add an extra month.

By Garrett Isaacs


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