Judaism: The old world

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Judaism: The old world

Judaism: The Old World

Abraham and Sarah begin the journey to Judaism (1800 BCE)

King Solomon builds First Temple in Jerusalem (950 BCE)

Second Temple dedicated by Ezra and Nehemiah (428 BCE)

Bar Kochba Rebellion (135 AD)

Jews expelled from Spain (1492)

State of Israel declared (1948)


Basic Beliefs1. Jews believe in the Torah ( Jewish Bible)2. Jesus was real, but there is still a Messiah coming3. Jews rest on the Sabbath4. Jews adhere to the 613 Mitzuabs (commandments)5. Jews honor The Five Books of Moses6. Jews keep Kosher7. Jews practice Rabbinie Law8. Jews worship at The Synagogue9. Jews adhere to Jewish Worship and Prayer

Practices1. Sabbath2. Prayer3. Synagogue worship4. Circumision5. Bar Mitzvah6. Marriage7. Funerary Practices8. Dedication of the House9. Dietary guidelines

Missionary Works1. Contemporary2. Judaism states clearly that missionary activities are mostly taboo.

Cultural Diffusion1. Most ethnnic religions aren't successful in diffusing widely; however, Judaism is an exception. It is widely diffused.2. This religion is practiced in many places and not just its place of origion.3. Only in recents years (since the 1940's) have the Jews lived in their homeland of Israel again. 4. The Romans forced the Jews out of their homeland; this is known as the Diasporn.

Big Rituals1. Shabbet (day of rest)2. Praying at the temple3. Birth4. Bar Mitzuah5. Jews believe in one God (monothesim)6. A Rite Funeral

Abraham:The Founder of Judaism

Talmud:Sacred text of Judaism

How they celebrate Hanukkah

" The Jewish people, no matter where they are, they become the best." in the world- Josef Mengele

“if we were forced to choose just one, there would be no way to deny that Judaism is the most important intellectual development in human history.”

" In Jewish history there are no coincidences."-Elie Wiesel

“Some people like the Jews, and some do not. But no thoughtful man can deny the fact that they are, beyond any question, the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has appeared in the world.”


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